Tinder, Tacos & Tequila by Taylor Shechter

A blog about finding love, and ultimately loving myself.

Tinder is just for sex. I know what you’re thinking: Five words into this blog she said the word sex. What am I reading? And if you’re my parents you want to hide. Stay with me sis (and parental unit). That statement is not true. Tinder is not just for sex; it’s for tacos, tequila & yummy yummy love. Tinder is where I met my person, my prince charming of the internet, one might say. Rewind to October 2018, ya girl swiped her little heart out at a stop light coming home from an event. This super cute guy popped up on my phone (silver-lining, people. He looked so happy, had pictures with his adorable grandmas, and went to music festivals.

“What the heck, let’s swipe right” I thought to myself. Minutes, literally minutes, after swiping he slid into my DM’s and we hit it off. The first thing we talked about was Hulaween, a music festival with funky music and funkier humans. It is where I fell in love with Odesza and camping. This magical place of Hula holds a special place in my heart. So already I. Am. Melting. He asked me on a date and I obviously suggest tacos and tequila, because it’s my absolute fav! (My birthday theme is always Tacos & Tequila for Taylor.. just to paint the picture with my obsession).

Y’all, online dating can be a scary place. That Friday, I sent my best friend my location to make sure he wasn’t a psycho-killer, and I didn’t get kidnapped. We even had a code word if something went wrong…but who was I kidding, he was perfect. We went to El Camino’s in Fort Lauderdale, and talked the entire time! Everything he said I was like “Yeah, me too. Oh Same! Tell me more.” We had so much in common. At the end of the night, we kissed, and I drove away on a different planet. So here is this perfect man, loving, handsome, hilarious, aligned values, stable. What does any level-headed women do now? Well, there was only one answer for me: I fuck it up, of course. What else would a sensible woman do? Here is the man of my dreams, and I ghost him.

Like a girl leaving the club without her shoes because she’s borracha loca, I ghosted him! I sent a few text messages, and gave the good ol’ “we should just be friends” message two weeks later. I want to shake myself as I write this now, but in the moment I was more committed to being right about my story of worth than seeing I deserve this kind of man, this kind of love. I was SO blinded by my stories. My stories of “I am not enough, I am not worthy, I don’t deserve this.” I was acting tough, and pushed him away because I didn’t understand that someone like that could love someone like me. How could this man of genuine love and kindness see me? How could he see my light, my joy, my authentic self? Tinder, Tacos and Tequila brought us together but it wasn’t until I loved Taylor(hi, that’s me!) that I embraced him. More importantly, I embraced the love I deserved to give myself. I’ll say it again for the sisters in the back- I embraced the love I deserved to give myself!

I did it by being vulnerable, being open and by seeing myself as the light of joy, power and beauty I am. I have spent years putting myself down. Anyone else, or is this a party-of-one kinda thing? Years of “I am not good enough for love, I am not worthy enough for this kind of love.” So to let another human ‘see me’ for me was scary. It was hard, it took tears, it took tequila, it even took a few good dance parties. Nevertheless, he wasn’t going anywhere, and frankly neither was I. I went on Tinder to date, and “to see where it went”. I went on a date for tacos & tequila to meet a cute guy. I met the cute guy and ultimately met this girl (yes me, Taylor). I never thought I would fall so deeply in love with myself, or fall in love with the man of my dreams. But here I am,valuing myself & being in love. <3

From my heart to yours, Taylor And to my person: I love you, and I honor you. Thank you for journeying through life with me.