We are passionate about creating this space for women to embrace and honor their truth. How this looks, is different for each woman. For one it might be being a world traveler, for another running their own business, or being an amazing mom, or it could be all of them. Whatever you desire, we at IATW are here to support you.

Barbara Hoard

Chief Empowerment Officer

Barbara is our fearless cheerleader. She is the visionary that brought this platform to life. IATW is like the air she breathes. Her vision in creating a space for women to discover their true essence has come to fruition, which is nothing short of a miracle. She has a passion deep within that will not allow her to quit. You can usually find her on the frontline as the host of the I Am This Woman show on Facebook, leading a workshop or speaking to a group of women about achieving their greatest potential.

Yamit is our marketing guru.  She is passionate, authentic and engaged – especially about empowering other women to see their own greatness through engaging content and real stories.

IATW is important to Yamit as it feeds her soul and purpose. It reminds her that motivating women is bigger than her story that keeps her stuck and that vulnerability is the most powerful place she can stand. This is her passion and reason to be here. We all deserve to see our greatness, even thru others.

Trust is key for us. We are women. We know women. We are engaged with women.

Yamit Sadok

Chief Motivational Officer

Samantha Kirk

Organizational Alchemist

Samantha uses her magic to generate creativity and organization for IATW. Her secret weapons are a notebook, a pen, and a dash of glitter.
IATW is important to Samantha because she sees it as an amazing platform for women to connect with each other, while connecting to their own inner magic.

Taylor is our Self-Care Sister! She is full of joy, passion, & power–especially when it comes to self-care! Taylor believes that when you embrace your body, mind and soul, your life changes. She is here to make sure we are taking care of ourselves.

IATW is important to Taylor because she believes in everyone getting how much they matter and knows this happens when women put their oxygen mask on first and take care of themselves!

Taylor Ann Shechter

Self Care Sister