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Meet Barbara

IATW was started from a vision I had when I was a little girl. I had no voice, no control over any decision in my life, felt insignificant and small. I carried this for over 50 years, until I decided to honor my truth and embrace my gifts. I realized the impact this has within our homes and communities when women don’t feel worthy and valued. It morphed into a show interviewing women on my Facebook page. It has now grown into a platform for women to honor themselves, share their stories and connect with others.

IATW is where you get to have a voice, honor yourselves, share your personal stories and be an inspiration for others. I knew there were other women out there like me. Women that have a passion and a calling that says create. IATW was the answer to my call. We are here to support you in finding yours.

There is so much more to come – online classes, workshops, retreats and outings.  Thanks for being a part of our community. We can’t wait to get to know you, as we grow together!

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Barbara has a natural knack for supporting women to step into their greatness. I experienced it first-hand when she was my personal coach. Her wise woman energy is much like that of my grandmother: strong, inspiring, and caring, with a touch of tough-love that pushed me into playing FULL ON! She truly challenged me to find my strength and use it with compassion and femininity to serve others in the name of love. I am forever grateful to Barbara for being one of the dear souls that supported me through my dark night of the soul then on to finding my joyful and inspired life.


Barbara is the epitome of a Coach for Women. She is fearless in her pursuit of women getting their worth, value and finding their truth. I have had the pleasure of being coached by Barbra for several seasons of my life. Barbra saw my greatness when no one else did, and helped me step into my best self. She guided me in on my own path to truth and worthiness. The countless coaching sessions, loving energy and fierce presence of support are just a few of Barbra's super powers. She is powerful, inspiring, trustworthy, and loving.